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UT Brands Puts Emphasis On Gifting

UT Brands, home to Funwares, KidsFunwares and Barbuzzo, has reorganized its portfolio of brands, to capitalize on the shifting consumer interest in home goods that while useful, also have a strong gifting opportunity.

The reorganization, spearheaded by company president and CEO Rob Kushner, bring a more giftable approach to its assortment in an effort to make the products feel more unique to consumers purchasing.

“This shift is a big opportunity for us to reach the consumer in a fresh way,” said Kushner. “Our customers and their consumers want more giftable items that have a fresh look and feel. Many are tired of seeing the same goods over and over again, leaving them feeling that there is not much of a hunt anymore and that the chances are good the gift recipient has seen it before.”

As such UT Brands has expanded the Funwares brand, adding more proprietary designs and splitting it off from Barbuzzo and have also lightened its approach to Barbuzzo, which Kushner said, was more masculine by nature.

“Now with Funwares, we are able to focus more on our proprietary designs, something that our customer have been asking for. We are moving out of high-end kitchen gadgets with the line and our designs will be more focused on gifting qualities and features. With Funwares, our focus will be all about kitchen kitsch and fun housewares,” he said.

One such example of this will be the latest iteration of the company’s dinosaur-themed taco holders, that have been moved under the Funwares brand. The popular items will now sport colorful graphics to update the more simple dinosaur outline of the fist releases. The company has also expanded the line to include a similar Unicorn holder, and the Weeniesaurus, designed to hold hot dogs.

Other fresh introductions include new Cherry Red rope candy-like silicone straws, guitar-themed BBQ accessories and the new Spinmallow, a battery-operated marshmallow roaster.

Meanwhile Barbuzzo, said Kushner, has had a refresh of its own, with more of a lightened up, bar and cocktail lifestyle approach, making it a bit more interactive with a wider appeal, to include bar and cocktail accessories that have appeal to gift recipients of various tastes and styles

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